Company days out

A day at a TrollPark is a great choice for team building or company summer party at Hove or Evje.

A climbing park is fun, challenging and exciting.  We have a unique system for developing teams at all our courses.  Climbing parks provide an ideal environment for developing trust and leadership skills.

TrollPark Hove has 6 routes and is surrounded by beautiful forest. BBQ can be borrowed for after or before the team building or we can arrange dinner for you.

TrollPark Evje is Located at TrollAktiv and is an ideal location for company trips that can include other activities such as rafting, team building, paintball meeting room, summer parties and kickoffs.

All our activities can be used to develop teams.  TrollAktiv can also provide meals such as lunch and dinner.  It is also possible to book an overnight stay in cabins. For all activities look here, and for food, serving click here.

If you have any questions or would like a quote please take contact with TrollParks?